Friday, February 10, 2017

My holiday in Spain

This year, my husband invited me to his friend, Eduardo from Spain who lives in the city of Barcelona. Eduardo met with my husband Alex when he came to their company, and three times he lived with us when he was in America. He remained to live with us for a few days but we all had a very pleasant days.

And so my husband and I got together and it was the first time that we fly to Spain and especially in Barcelona. We were met by Eduardo at the airport and immediately went to him. When I asked about Angelina, his wife, he simply said that they broke down by her fault. I asked for explanations but after a little while I known  that he had discovered that she had a lover and he got them in bed together and decided to divorce.

He showed us where we live in the apartment. The big room has a huge bed and a wardrobe. I unpacked the things we took a shower and went to a restaurant for dinner. The time was almost 10 PM. It seemed to us that it's too late but Eduardo said that in Spain it is a good time to have dinner.

We drank a good wine and enjoyed delicious Spanish food and Alex was already a little bit drunk and when we went home it was almost midnight!

Back home, we were drinking more and as I well know Spanish I translated all to my husband. When I felt tired and decided to go to sleep the men continued to drink. I do not remember how long I had to wait to go to sleep but I know that it was very fast. I was disconnected from everything and even TV does not bother me. There was hot in the room  at this time of year and I was very easily dressed and covered with a sheet.

I had a dream when I felt the warmth hands on my thighs. The fingers went higher to the right place and I made myself more comfortable to lift my ass up. My juices are already came out and a pleasant feeling of warm fingers made me so hot that I wanted to have the cock penetration in my pussy. I swung my arm back to get the dick and on his finger which made me so pleased there was a huge ring. I shuddered knowing that my husband is not wearing a ring. I still asked, "Alex?" But there was no answer. When I turned my head I saw Eduardo completely naked next to me.

He quietly asked me not to talk and when I asked where is Alex he simply replied that he was so drunk that did not wake up until morning. He climbed on me by putting me on the stomach and stuck dick in the ass. I bent over in pain but quickly got liked it. After all, I used to do it with my husband also. After a few minutes he began to nag me like a sex machine. I moaned whether from pain or from pleasure but moaning without stopping.

Eduardo dick is much bigger than my husband’s and much thicker. He held me by the waist and fucked my poor ass. I felt good and wanted to make it nonstop all night. I got a few orgasms and my juices were flowing. Suddenly he decided to change the place and went into the pussy. He fell into it, and it began to flow even more. But he decided to finish there and not in the ass. I felt very good when he cum in me and kissed and slapped on the ass and left. Instantly I fell asleep and did not even took a shower because did not want to lose this heat in my hole.

It was already light when I was awakened by the sound of footsteps in the room. At the beginning I thought that Eduardo came back to fuck me but one eye says that this is my husband. Finally he woke up and came. He quietly climbed under the sheets and probably thought that I was asleep gently held by hand on my ass and got to the hole. I did not respond, and gave him the opportunity to continue to do what he wants. He was naked with a hard dick like a stick. He put his cock in my ass and I was a little closer to him as if in a dream. When I felt that he is about to enter, I lay down on my stomach and gave him the opportunity to lie down on me. It's his favorite position and he put a pillow under me and entered.

Ass was well handled by previous visitor, and even more of his sperm. This facilitated the penetration of a smaller cock but no less fun it was. It reminded me that I saw similar at He grabbed me with both hands to my tits and began to fuck like a beast. He had finished  faster than his friend and immediately fell asleep. I then could not sleep and decided to go into the shower.

I make breakfast and we all had breakfast together as if nothing had happened between me and Eduardo. But I remembered his beautiful thick dick expanded my ass tonight.

We went for a walk and Eduardo showed us his city. When we got home at three o'clock to take a break (from the Spanish siesta is sacred thing) Alex chose me again to please, and did not give a rest.

In the evening, after dinner, we drank again and this time I have encouraged my husband to drink more and he passed out even earlier than yesterday. Of course everything was done that our friend gave me more and more time until we were in his house.

From this trip I have very plesant memories. I think that Edurdo will come to us more often.