Friday, January 6, 2017

My sexy dream

My sexy dream - Emily
Hello everyone. Everyone has a fantasy or a dream. Name as you like, the essence does not change - in your head develops a sexual image of man, whom you see in life. This can be your girlfriend, classmate, colleague or stranger in public transport. I have a dream was Emily. I jerked off on this website remembering my dream girl.
We have seen not often. It's good. We met with her for a long time, since I had a girl, she had the boys. Occasionally met in the evening off and walked through the dark city.
Emily was the twentieth year old. If a stranger looks at it, he will not remember any released features and looks away to the side. Emily was not sexy. But, from my point of view, its shape and appearance were the canon of women's young body, which has already developed into the stage of "teenager".
She had long hair, almost to the ass. She was a brunette, sometimes curls. I do not remember the color of her eyes. Chest always dressed, in her wardrobe enough shirts and sweaters and tight. In general, her breasts seemed very fresh, young, maybe because she could teach her. I do not understand the size of the breast, but I think Emily was at two, a maximum of two and a half. Training in the gym made it resilient and convex ass, she stressed the clothing.