Friday, January 6, 2017

My sexy dream

My sexy dream - Emily
Hello everyone. Everyone has a fantasy or a dream. Name as you like, the essence does not change - in your head develops a sexual image of man, whom you see in life. This can be your girlfriend, classmate, colleague or stranger in public transport. I have a dream was Emily. I jerked off on this website remembering my dream girl.
We have seen not often. It's good. We met with her for a long time, since I had a girl, she had the boys. Occasionally met in the evening off and walked through the dark city.
Emily was the twentieth year old. If a stranger looks at it, he will not remember any released features and looks away to the side. Emily was not sexy. But, from my point of view, its shape and appearance were the canon of women's young body, which has already developed into the stage of "teenager".
She had long hair, almost to the ass. She was a brunette, sometimes curls. I do not remember the color of her eyes. Chest always dressed, in her wardrobe enough shirts and sweaters and tight. In general, her breasts seemed very fresh, young, maybe because she could teach her. I do not understand the size of the breast, but I think Emily was at two, a maximum of two and a half. Training in the gym made it resilient and convex ass, she stressed the clothing.

Whether it's summer, whether it is winter, it is advantageous to be able to emphasize his ass. Classic hipsters and a dark blouse made out of it a real sexy girl in summer and winter short jacket stressed back. Emily carefully watching the little things. She has a bunch of bras and panties. She could talk for hours about the different sets of underwear, even with me. By the way, it was very tiring.
With her I had not seen for a long time, about three weeks. We decided to walk through the Winter Park late on Friday, when the city was after a snowfall at night. I do not like the weather, but at the meeting agreed. Dressed warmly as possible: hat, gloves, winter jacket. After talking about the work, mutual friends, I offered to go to the pub, which recently opened at the intersection near the park.
She snorted, that beer is not to her liking, but agreed. Free table was a little, it turns out this Friday was a football and so was the noise, but we found a space in the corner. I took off my jacket and it. She appeared in front of me in a dark blue jersey, with his protruding breasts tightened. I expected this, nothing unusual. We drank a glass of beer and decided to leave. Beer she liked. Going to the supermarket across the street and took a bottle of white semi-sweet wine, we went to me.
Once again, I freed her from the top of clothing, leaving jersey and jeans, spent in the room. Opened wine glasses washed and returned to her. She was sitting on the couch near by a coffee table. We drank quickly, I do not know why. Perhaps because of the cold, or simply because they wanted to feel the intoxication. I sat down close to her. It's strange, but she threw her leg on my and took another sip.
She leaned forward and we kissed. I thought it was a joke, but I remembered that I was sitting with my sexual dream, my most sexy girlfriend. I began to think a member, not the head. Soon I helped her climb up to my knees. Pulling it up, I met with her lips. Kissing it good, biting my lip, she expertly licked his tongue pain.
Finally, I let the entrance and its own language, and they began to weave. I remember, I began to be excited. She apparently felt it just shifted and sat closer to the penis. When I took over the top of her jumper, she began to do a top-down movement of his ass even more excited me. For a moment it seemed that the finish now, rejected the idea. She was wearing a transparent black bra with interesting cuts and patterns incomprehensible to me, I threw the strap. She grabbed it, squeezing her breasts.
We met his eyes, they were strict, confident and very large. I was frightened. After throwing off the bra, she rose to her knees and lifted one breast to my mouth, I got down to business. The nipple became hard, so I'm doing all right. Again she sat on me and started to fidget. I was hot, I myself took off his hoodie and was bare-chested and jeans that held my penis. The voltage at the bottom of it became more and more, I pushed her and unbuttoned his pants, then she took off her panties on the level of the knees. Clasping member small hands, she began stroking my dick and kiss me on the lips. When she quickened the pace, I slowed it and eventually put his hand on his penis. Together we began to manage the process, Then she lowered her hand on the testicles. Continuing to masturbate, I put her on the back. We were in this position, and continue kissing, and a dick of the sound did not allow to forget about what is happening. My arm felt warm again, and she took my penis to her, speeding, began to masturbate at a higher rate.
I undid the button on her jeans and pulled them. They were on the floor. I felt her wet clitoris in the dark already wet panties and began to pull at the clitoris in one tempo with the way she told me to masturbate. I thought that it was very harmonious and even cute. Sometimes she flirts and goes too far, picking up very much higher rate, then I stopped her. My hand was in her thong, smoothly gliding over her labia. I caressed her clit, running a finger below - to the anus, penetrated a shallow depth in the vagina. Kissing I'm tired, but strangely our tongues all invented something new. Emily playfully bent and made a couple of groans, completely forgetting about my dick. Sent her hand to him, she again wanker me.
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