Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Do you want to go to sex shop and buy you a present?

Do you want to go to sex shop and buy you a present?
-What for? I feel good with you, I do not need gifts
- I'm going to another country, I am afraid that you bring yourself John.
- Do not start again. I do not need John. While my pussy sometimes wants sex, but only with you.
The sex shop was a little cool and dark.
- May I help you? We were asked by a young girl dealer.
- We came here for the first time and would like to buy something for sex.
- Of course, come in, we have several rooms and you are free to look at our sexy products.
In the store were young guys and a girl of 18 is not much older than her boyfriend.

We went to another room so that they do not confuse. In a small room where we were or what was not, but one fully mirrored wall, several shelves and url pointing to site
 Perhaps this is fitting room I joked my girlfriend.
What a strange mirror, I stepped closer to the mirror wall.
- Turn off the light, I asked.
She turned off the light. And there is. It was a two-way mirror through which view other room where there was a young couple. But they have not seen us, and calmly examined different sex toys. Near the mirror on their part was a huge a deity, the phallus, it is screwed to advertise, I do not think that such a big shit might be useful to someone. It was evident that the girl all confused and giggling, though not a sound came from the other side, came to this work of art and a boy pointing at the huge cock that she says ..
In their facial expressions, I realized that they jokingly argue, then the guy came to the door and the girl approached the phallus turned his back to us and quickly removed her jeans contain with panties, being in one short topic beacons. She had a lovely but not yet completely formed, girlish figure, I have thought that my girl in her age had the same figure.
- Are not you ashamed to look ... and fell silent, and she froze palm slowly slipped out of my sight.
Seeing what my girl looks for I was amazed.
This girl slightly behind his ass began to sit down on a huge wooden cock, simply incommensurable with her little clean-shaven, and this seemed even more defenseless, with plump lips pussy. All in mounds of artificial vein, with a strong, big head on the thick trunk of a monster next to an innocent girl. And this baby to crawl through it trying though as that encircle it with their lips sex. It can be seen from this rubbing pussy girls first humidified, and then began to richly moisturize your stand.
 -Look she is getting hot. Undertone commented my girl.
Gradually, she was able to swallow that dick already quite wet, giant. Girl called his companion and said something, he walked over and looked at the bottom of the pussy girl. Rose waved his head, something is not agreeing. The girl stood up and began to beat her crotch sharply on the back of the rubber statue. She said that to the boy, and he put his hands on her shoulders began to help her. As a result, the head began to go deeper and deeper, and finally disappeared in the depths of the vagina girls. The boy is jumping down and again reached down to inspect. Satisfied shaking his head, he held out his hand to help her up.

But all her attempts to climb not to have failed from any movement the girl fell even lower, getting down on a wooden phallus. Sweat and tears rolled down on her face, it can be seen that the terrible pain tore her delicate, girlish vagina. But she still tried to get up, the boy grabbed her by the arm and began to pull, he was able to raise a little. It was evident how much the girl opened her mouth in a silent scream.

The boy looked at her mouth, stopped pulling her back and took out pants, pull out the cock, and drove it straight into her throat. He grabbed her from behind by the hair and began to stick her head on his penis. The girl tried to resist, but then clasped his buttocks and began to help him. It has been seen as his dick goes in her throat, and then he pulled out his and rubbed her cheeks, eyes and hair, and she was trying to catch it with her lips and suck as deeply as possible.
First quietly girl’s ass  began to swing from side to side, more and more increasing the amplitude of its motion. Then these movements began to take place up and down. And here she was tireless rider riding a wild stallion. Jumping and swinging on the deity phalluses, the girl did not notice that she had long got off him, and then again getting down twisting and pulling her tender lips, and behind them, and the vagina pink and tender, and all tremble with explosions occurring inside.
The boy pulled out his penis and she began to masturbate it pointing the tip to her lips.
I started when my girlfriend took out my penis and began to masturbate it too, giving this unusual picture in front of us. The boy behind glass rapidly became very end, just filling in the girl's face with his sperm that flowed from her eyes, cheeks and lips getting her mouth and dripped onto the floor in a pool of dial directly from the juice of the young rider. I noticed that both girls have the same expression on their faces licked at the same time, and their eyes fixed on the deity of phalluses.

Buy me this wooden cock whispered my lips girl